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Contact lenses can be a great option for people who find their glasses interfere with their lifestyle.

There are many options available for people wishing to wear contacts and the doctor will do a contact lens fitting with you to help find the contact that fits your eyes the best and helps you get the best vision possible.  If you are new to contacts we will also have a technician do a fitting with you to help you learn how to insert and remove your contact lenses safely and to properly care for your contact lenses.  The most important thing to know about contacts is that they are medical devices on your eye that need to be properly fit and properly cared for.

Contact Lenses

There are different contact lenses to help fit your needs and lifestyle.  

  • Daily Wear- Lenses made to be replaced every day.  While they are more expensive per year, they are less expensive to replace just one and they are safer and eliminate the need for nightly cleaning.

  • 2 week or monthlies- less expensive but do require the need to clean them nightly.

  • toric contacts- made for people with moderate astigmatism

  • bifocal contacts- for people who need some help with reading as well as distance.  They help you see both but don't work for everyone.

  • RGP also known as hard lenses, known for better vision but not as comfortable.

While contact lenses can be a very convenient alternative to glasses, they are not for everyone.  Anyone with frequent eye infections, severe dry eyes or an inability to handle or care for the lenses properly would not be a good candidate for contacts.  This is why it is very important to be evaluated by a doctor before attempting contact lens wear.

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