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Your eyes are important to us. For this reason, Dr. Gullbrand does set aside emergency appointment slots daily! Simply call 207.929.3007.


Examples of urgent eye vision care situations include;

•A red, painful eye, especially one that is light sensitive or accompanied by nausea.

•A painful eye injury.

•Foreign objects in the eye.

•Sudden loss of vision or peripheral vision.

•Sudden onset of flashing lights, veil across your vision.

•Chemical exposure.

•Blunt trauma to the eye.​


•Object Stuck or Embedded in the Eye: ◦Do NOT try to remove the object. Do NOT touch or apply any pressure to it.

◦If the object is large and protruding, place a paper cup over the injured eye and tape it in place to protect it from being bumped. Instruct the patient to keep both eyes still and not to look around. Moving the uninjured eye will cause corresponding movement of the injured eye and may worsen injury.

◦Call our office or the doctor on call immediately.



◦DO NOT press or rub an injured eye.

◦DO NOT attempt to remove a foreign object that appears embedded in any part of the eye.

◦DO NOT use cotton swabs, tweezers, or anything else on the eye itself. .

◦DO NOT attempt to remove an embedded object.

Urgent Care

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